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Change your Windows XP Product (CD) Key

Jeffery Wellman

August 14, 2006


Recently, I had the task of switching all my company’s tech department computers over to a single volume license product key for Windows that my company had recently bought. At first I went to the Microsoft website expecting to find straight forward instructions on how to change a windows product key, but surprisingly I came up empty handed. I then googled for information on how to change the windows product key and still was not able to find a way to change the product key within Windows..


For such a simple task you would think that Windows would have a built in program to view and change your product key. But, unfortunately it does not. The ability to change your product key is a feature that Microsoft has mistakenly forgotten to include in Windows XP. In fact the only way Microsoft even acknowledges that it is possible to change your product key is to go into the computer registry and start changing registry values. First of all, this is confusing and could cause a lot of problems for the novice computer user. Second, this only works for volume license product keys, which leaves people with Retail and OEM product keys out of luck.


Luckily there is third party software out there that picks up where Microsoft left off.  During my search I ran across quite a few product key changers. Many claimed to be able to change the Windows product key, but resulted in system errors and hours of frustration. I did however find a simple program called KeyChanger Windows Edition by a company called KeyTech Software ( that was able to change my Windows product key.


KeyChanger allowed me to easily change the windows product key with a point and click interface that anyone could use. The best part about KeyChanger though was the fact that I did not have to restart or reinstall windows after I changed the product key, which a lot of the other programs required. In addition to changing the Windows product key, KeyChanger also allowed my to change other information about my computers like the registered owner and the computer names.


To my surprise Microsoft does not provide a way for you to change the windows product key but with KeyChanger I was able to quickly and easily change the windows product key on all of my computers.

KeyChanger Windows Edition

Need to Change your Windows Product (CD) Key?

KeyChanger Windows Edition lets you easily change your Microsoft Windows product key.

Simple Interface:

Point and Click interface allows anyone to easily use KeyChanger Windows Edition.

No Reinstalling:

No need to reinstall or restart Windows. KeyChanger Windows Edition can change your product key in matter of seconds.

Lifetime Support:

We stand by our software by providing a lifetime of support to help you solve any difficulties you might have using our software.

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