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Lose your Windows XP Product Key?

Russell Taylor

September 1, 2006


You probably don't keep track of every original CD in your home. So when it's time to reinstall Windows XP, what do you do? You can't just use any product key. Don't panic. KeyRecover can find your computers original product key.


Microsoft's new Windows Product Activation presents support techs with all sorts of new challenges, including the need to have a valid product key to install, or reinstall, Windows XP on workstations. But what do you do if you can't find the CD with the original key that matches the machine you're working on? You can discover the key using KeyRecover


Why you need to know your product Key

For years, Microsoft has been concerned about piracy issues surrounding its products. In an effort to combat this, it came up with the concept of Windows Product Activation. When you install Windows XP on a workstation, you must enter a 25-digit code from the original Windows XP CD during Setup. Setup takes this information, mixes it with information it derives from the hardware configuration of the workstation, and creates a code that it sends to Microsoft to validate the installation.


This can cause problems for support techs, because each product key can be used only one time. After the key has been activated, it can’t be used on another workstation unless you’re using a Volume-Licensed version of Windows XP. That means each Windows XP workstation in your organization has a different product key.


If you try to reinstall Windows XP and don’t have your original product key or CD, you can’t simply borrow one from another workstation. Normally, you’d have to obtain a new product key, meaning a new purchase of Windows XP. Naturally, you don’t want to do that because you already have a copy of XP—you’re just missing the valid key that goes with your workstation. That’s where KeyRecover comes in handy.


Obtaining and using KeyRecover

In today’s world of setup wizards and multi-megabyte downloads, KeyRecover is amazingly simple. The file itself is small—only about 2 MB. Just run the program, either from the command line or by double-clicking it from the folder you downloaded it to. When you do, your product key will appear along with other information suck as computer name and registered user. (I changed my product key in this image for security reasons.)


It doesn’t get much Easier

That’s all there is to it. Write down the number and then you can reinstall Windows XP, or place the key in a safe place where you won’t lose it. KeyRecover Windows Edition is a handy tool to keep in your software utility toolbox.

KeyRecover Windows Edition

Need to Find your Windows Product (CD) Key?

KeyRecover Windows Edition lets you easily view your Microsoft Windows product key.

Simple Interface:

Point and Click interface allows anyone to easily use KeyRecover Windows Edition.

No Reinstalling:

No need to reinstall or restart Windows.. KeyRecover Windows Edition can recover your product key in matter of seconds.

Lifetime Support:

We stand by our software by providing a lifetime of support to help you solve any difficulties you might have using our software.

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