We all know that some countries have strict controls over all personal communication flows from their citizens, subjects, or people. We are about to become one with the rest of that world and lose our online free speech. In fact it is happening right now. Let me cite some more examples on top of what you’ve already heard or know.

Slashdot had an interesting post on March 14, 2014 titled; “Russia Blocks Internet Sites of Putin Critics,” by Samzenpus which stated:

“An anonymous reader writes in with news about Russia’s censorship of internet sites critical of President Vladimir Putin. “Russia blocked access to the internet sites of prominent Kremlin foes Alexei Navalny and Garry Kasparov under a new law that critics say is designed to silence dissent in President Vladimir Putin’s third term. The prosecutor general’s office ordered Russian internet providers to block Navalny’s blog, chess champion and Putin critic Kasparov’s internet newspaper and two other sites, grani.ru and ej.ru, state regulator Roskomnadzor said.”

Of course, and just wait until the US loses control over the Internet, all nations will demand all websites with any critique be taken down from the Internet as well as anyone sending mass emails, texts, twitter accounts or Facebook pages, you just wait, wait and see what happens as the US relinquishes control of the Internet! And don’t think our country will not also join in and our leadership move to curtail any critique, we are all going to have to live in this brave new world. Can you hear me now? And how do you like it?

Did you know that the Middle Eastern countries, and Arab League all have demanded at the United Nations that any commentary criticizing their royal families, governments or leadership be removed from the internet and made illegal with punishments (globally) to prevent slander (as they see it or perceive it) against their family names or leadership dictates, or Islam? It’s true, these are demands and the UN said it would seriously look at this. China and many Asian nations already do this, and countries in South America also scour the Internet to find discontent and pull it out at the roots.

This is happening world-wide, even some of the leadership in the EU wants this to stop and is willing to allow such laws to be enforced cross-border globally. Meanwhile the US just turned over ICANN and now foreign administrators can determine which websites to shut down, or divert traffic, to spoof websites or government websites warning people not to go to those domains, or that the site was pulled due to slander against X, Y, Z. This is serious stuff for a nation like the US that prides itself in free speech and freedom of the press. We are about to lose those rights to the global authority.

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