If you are planning on buying a home theater speaker set up then you should read the Definitive Technology ProCinema 800 review. There are some good informative write ups online for this product. So whether this is your first system or you are upgrading, this is definitely an option you would want to consider.

Although Definitive Technology has in the past been known for the height of its components this system could almost be called mini. However that is only in size. In performance it is maxi all the way. Much more powerful than its own predecessor the ProCinema 600, this 6-piece 5.1 channel surround sound system features advanced driver technology and a 300 watt subwoofer that really barks. The system includes four Satellite speakers and a center speaker as well as this fantastic little ProSub 800 subwoofer.

All the speakers look really elegant and will grace whatever room they are in. They have their own tripods or you can easily fix them on the wall. Additional stands or brackets are available from Definitive Technology but at a price. The center speaker can sit easily on a shelf but the only snag is it does not have its own tilting mechanism so if you want to tilt it up to direct the sounds, you will have to use a little ingenuity.

The center speaker will fit easily onto a shelf. Perhaps it would have been better if the adjustable foot support permitted a degree of tilting. For many surround sounds literally need to be bounced off the walls and ceiling so an element of tilting becomes essential. That little subwoofer scores again with a handily located volume control on the side which is so much more accessible than the normal rear positioning.

Not only does Definitive Technology sell extras, they also will let you buy this system piecemeal. You can buy satellite speakers or the center speaker or – yes -that great little subwoofer without buying the whole system. Of course this feature will let you have six satellite speakers if the mood takes you, or even eight though by then the neighbors may have had enough. All have an expensive look that belies their price tag or, in the case of the subwoofer, unexpected excellence of performance.

To give all the technical specifications here would take up too much space. You can read all about it on the webpage and also lots of reviews. The main point is that despite its small size the whole system, subwoofer and speakers too pack a lot of power and innovation beneath their glamorous exterior and this makes them sound awesome.

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